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Movies this season have changed a lot especially with antagonists which go toe on toe with the protagonist. Yes, we all know that most movies feature the life of the protagonists, but now it changes. For instance, Suicide Squad of DCU where a group of villains and criminals are the main characters of the movie. They are hired by the government to deal a very powerful entity after the death of Super Man against Doomsday.


This time around, we will be seeing a very popular antagonist having his own movie. DCU brings us Joker Origin movie starring Joaquin Phoenix. The movie will be featuring as well Batman’s father, Thomas Wayne. As more reviews and information leaking in the Internet regarding the movie, it is anticipated that Bruce Wayne’s father will be part of the movie and will have a huge role with background and the history of the Joker villain.

We all know that Batman got his inspiration of becoming a Dark Knight after his parents died before his eyes. Thomas Wayne, a billionaire and owner of Wayne Enterprises was a significant persona of the Gotham City before Batman has come to the scene. The comics has revealed few things about Wayne’s history, like for instance, he was strict with his son but kind to his patients as a physician. In some instances, Thomas Wayne saved gangster named Carmine Falcone, the man behind some organized crime in Gotham. Yes, while it remains a sad story for Bruce Waynes whose parents died before his eyes, yet still, this is the stepping stone of making Bruce Wayne’s Batman alter ego.

Now the coming of Joker Origin film, we will be seeing more back-story about Thomas Wayne which is connected to the villain Joker. In an interview with Jeff Sneider he stated that Thomas Wayne will have a big role in the movie of Joker origin while we love to see Batman and Joker face off in the big screen using different props. However, the movies will be featuring only the time when Bruce Wayne is just a little boy. This will also feature some story just like what fans saw in Tim Burtons Batman film, by which the Joker is the person behind the death of Bruce’s parents.

The information from the interview reveals that the movie release date will be next year. The shooting of the movie will start as early this September which will be released on 2019 as a possible date. While this idea in the past was just some rumor than fact, Warner Bros. has decided to make the movie at last and it is now official.

Considering the popularity of the Batman, the studio behind development of the movie project Joker Origin decided to make the movie in low-budget. Yet Warner Bros. felt that the moment was right to present DC fans a new kind of Joker, which is a lot more darker than Jared Leto’s Joker.

Leto’s Joker has been a very psycho kind of Joker and has led fans to know more about him and what he is capable of. And so Warner Bros respond to the wants and wishes of the fans. The company has decided that this film can be done outside of DCEU. There are plenty of things we can expect from this movie and stay tune for the movie release.


Watch the video so that you may  understand it clearly what is this all about

THE JOKER ORIGINS (2019) – Teaser Trailer | Joaquin Phoenix


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Vikings Season 5 is considered to be one the most successful TV series even on the first episode that is why this goes to Season 6. Meaning there’s so much profit accumulated and gain throughout the entire Series. Imagine it is not yet done showing all those 20 episodes but they have already working on the Season 6. They have already expected that it’s going to be superhot stuff for fans around the world to really watch these amazing shows. I believe this is second to games of throne. Imagine the last Season I mean the Vikings Season 5 they received $244 million in national revenue that is just only a partial amount. So do you thinks is small they are making good money. That is why they have never stop producing while the funs never gets tired of watching it.

If your a first time to watch the Season 5 of Vikings you really have a lot of watchign to do because how do you able to understand that story if your not going to watch the previous Seasons so I live a link here from Wikipedia to give you some information regarding the previous Seasons and I you have more time perhaps you can watch the whole previous seasons

Vikings is really a great movie series which many fans have been following. The series is about the history of the legendary brutal fighter, a raider and the explorer of land upon the uncharted.
The season five is full of thrill and it begins with a scene with Ivar, whom they call Boneless. They call him boneless because of many reasons. One is because of his birth defect, which is a lack of bone, a genetic condition or the imperfect bone formation. Ivar is one of the great leaders and is the commander of Great Heathen Army. He would like to take revenge and is seeking the one who killed his father. He ended up tortured in pain but Ragnar did not care at all.

Season five has 20 episodes and is about to release one after another. Another actor that will join is Jonathan Rhys Meyers and his movie name is The Tudors. Nobody knows what kind of character he is or even his motives in the series. Fans are really excited for the upcoming Vikings drama. Fans really expect something especially a twist in the plot. This either pleases the fans, or disappoint them.

Some characters, like Floki, will burst and unable to control his emotion to accept the death of his wife, and is going to have a hard time making decisions. Before the death of his wife, he is very energetic, eccentric and happy man. He has some good friends that accompany him in the journey. Floki is very loyal with his service to Ragnar.

One of the best scenarios in this season is when brothers Harald and Hafdan go for an unexpected raiding together with Ragnar’s son. Harald refused to come because of an important mission; a mission that can make him a king in all Norway. In the same scenario, Rollo stayed in France with his wife. He is always triumphant in every invasion. He is good with planning especially in countering Viking armies’ attempt to invade his kingdom.The Vikings never thought that they would be unsuccessful with their raiding attempt. They returned to base to plan their next attack and invade Rollo.

Also if you want more information regarding the Vikings Season 5 TV Series

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The most crucial part of paypal customer support is issue resolution. Am I not in a position to look after my clients’ concerns? The percentage of problem resolution generally in most top economic services companies is actually in between 75 to 90 percent in PayPal, the amount with the 70 to 80 mark. The reason for this gulf is PayPal on their own. Through the time that they began till now, they already have held putting service after service. They may have extra complex layers for their already complicated business structure and composition.

Get to know more about paypal in Wikipedia With customer care, there are specific elements known as “systemic problems”. These are generally issues that cannot be solved, to put it differently, cracks from the system. This is when customer care agents begin going “I’m sorry, If only I can take action, yet there is nothing that we can do about it”.

Bear in mind when reading through all this that the other day was my wedding and also the entire experience was much even worse as it was said to be an unwinding and happy day. It is also no secret which PayPal has been around the process of upgrading their website recent years weeks so there is clearly any description for just about any unexpected mistakes.

With the SportsLizard Cost Guidebook, we utilize PayPal to handle the subscriptions, totally free for the first 6 days and also $5.99/month thereafter. We certainly have hundreds of paying subscribers, therefore each and every morning my mailbox is overloaded along with you have obtained a membership payment email messages from PayPal. There have been no such emails. Odd. Therefore I went in to my PayPal account to check into. With no rummaging through our users, I had been able to quickly identify 5 or 6 payments which should have been made that morning. For people who don’t know whenever a user signs up for any PayPal membership these are instantly charged on payment days and also the money is actually withdrawn off their account.

I’ve been compensated dollars straight into my very own account but showing absolutely no available balance. They may have used their fees and they are withholding my balance. Right after getting in contact with them these people claim that they are carrying out a system upgrade and also funds are generally not available.
Think about informing your customers who also pay out a lot of money for you service?

The reason why they don’t offer a damn. Paying customers with free PayPal money online have got a legal right to understand while you are disrupting people’s money. It’s ours certainly, not yours. Have some value for the individuals who caused you a fortune. Keep us well informed about economic institute who make-up their particular rules.

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Over 10 years, several of Hollywood’s most prosperous storytellers have wished to turn Stephen King’s eight-book Dark Tower saga into films. Very few, presumably, began together with the idea that the simplest way to wrangle this mountain of storyline would set a new sequel to it. That is roughly what Danish director Nikolaj Arcel presents in The Dark Tower, weaving aspects through the published books right into a new premise suggested through the series’ end and paring the entire mythology down sufficient to suit into a mere hour and a half. Current sector gossip explained a troubled shoot and earlier edits which were so complicated to find out audiences they will prompted much postproduction tinkering simply by producers and studio execs. Which tough to trust when dealing with the accomplished product, a help save the multiverse science fiction fantasy that is, if everything, far too easily digested.
The plotting will be great, as much as it goes, however the brutal pace of the storytelling implies that scenes tend to be stripped off most but important exposition and there is almost no unificatrice tissue among events. A monster breaks through into our world using images of the dead, with regard to causes inexplicable, and characters frequently react in unpredicted methods to attacks, as though the script had been initially twice as long. Elba handles to infuse Roland which includes power and anguish, and Taylor really does well in the slightly redundant role of Plucky Kid, however in any other case we’re left nearly completely without having coherent characters.
Although the movie is really a fantasy, what basically works for this is the father-son relationship between Jake and Roland. Idris Alba’s panache and simple screen presence gives gravitas to the script and salvages the otherwise expected storyline. Matthew McConaughey tends to make awful look sexy. Unfortunately, his unnatural and hazy character does not get that promotion and eventually ends up as being a weak link.

Regarding the story, it’s not necessary to read the books to comprehend this one, which usually works. On the other hand, in spite of being grasping, it’s very underwhelming. Even though the Matrix like action and slowmo bullet fights make you stay hooked, the storyline does not focus on a much deeper level as motives stay mysterious.
The Dark Tower does not even truly do us the showing courtesy of being laughably bad. That could get a few level of ambition, that the movie studiously prevents at almost every turn. Rather, just exists, wanting to be overlooked and forgotten. It’s a pity this version did not possess the funding or the vision to become something amazing as you can see glimmers of a much more ambitious, fascinating movie. Unfortunately, Arcel approaches the storyplot having a flat, boring style, in no way venturing to challenge his audience, purchase his characters, or even give us reasons to care. The Dark Tower does not fall due to a child’s mind. This falls because it may be too embarrassed to take a position.You can also check this post for another upcoming amazing tv series this year 2017.

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Sending astronauts to space is a dangerous and costly affair, but what about robot astronauts? DNews got a chance to visit the Johnson Space Center and interview one of the engineers behind the future of our space program.

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Recently, Sony announced that it has shipped 10 million PS2 units into stores worldwide, and by many industry estimates the company could reach twice that number by the time the Xbox launches this fall. So we must ask, is it even possible for Microsoft to catch up in the next-generation console war?

It’s okay to be second (Nintendo has been profitable for years without worrying about market share domination), but Microsoft is not entering the console market to control a small niche; the company is investing billions to control the market. It won’t be easy, however.

These are the 10 key things Microsoft must do if it ever hopes to catch up with Sony.

1: Start Strong
In the coming months we will harp on this one point more than any other, but a strong launch for the Xbox is absolutely crucial for its future success. The Xbox will not be able to catch the PS2 in a year (or maybe even two or three), but the console needs a massive launch to get it on the right road.

A well-received launch will encourage more developers to create games for the system, and will entice undecided gamers who want to root for someone other than Sony. Everyone wants to bank on a winner. A strong launch help perpetuate this image.

Historical Context:
The PlayStation blew the Saturn out of the water during its early launch months. After that, the war was already over.

2: Use The Marketing Budget Wisely
Microsoft has a massive $500,000,000 marketing budget for the first 18 months of the Xbox launch. How the company uses that money will be a major factor in the overall cultural acceptance of the Xbox. Unless the mega-marketing campaign makes a cultural impact, the Xbox won’t have the momentum it needs to catch the PS2.

Microsoft created the biggest software launch in PC history when it spent only a fraction of this Xbox marketing budget on the debut of Windows 95. If it can repeat this success (especially with a TV advertising blitz), it will be able to tap into a market bigger than the traditional gaming market.

Historical Context:
Sega introduced its Sega Scream ad campaign and outsold the SNES with its Genesis for years.

3: Expand The Console Market
Sony transformed the videogame market with the PlayStation because it reached an audience that was larger than the traditional gaming audience. If Microsoft hopes to catch Sony, it needs to expand the console market to new heights.

If the battleground is for the hearts and minds of hardcore gamers, Sony already has too much of a lead for anyone to catch up. However, if Microsoft is able to reach casual gamers and even non-gamers, the company could surprise us all.

Historical Context:
Sony introduced millions of people to console gaming with the PlayStation and enjoyed the support of the vast majority of those newly indoctrinated gamers.

4: Think Globally…
The three major battlefields that will determine the winner in any modern console war are Japan, North America and Europe. Sony is scoring big in all three territories right now, and Microsoft will need to do the same if it ever wants to challenge the PS2 for number one.

The one weak spot that Microsoft faces right now is certainly Japan. And the company is making strides to build a presence in that territory right now. Bill Gates will deliver the TGS Keynote address and finally reveal his company’s plans for the Xbox in Japan. How gamers in Japan receive the company’s big pitch will be a major factor in the Xbox’s ultimate ability to catch the PS2.

Historical Context:
Sega sold a large number of Dreamcasts in the US, but without strong support in Japan, the console simply couldn’t make it for the long haul.

5: …But Build Locally
Even though Japan is important, the bulk of the Xbox’s early success will be based in the US and Europe. Microsoft has already developed strong support from both US and European developers, and it needs to maintain this support to build a foundation for the future.

Historical Context:
Atari started this whole console business as a North America-based company.

6: Develop Key Exclusive Titles
It seems that Japanese companies are more willing to develop one-console exclusive titles, while North American developers try to spread their titles over several systems. Microsoft needs to change this mindset with its core developers, because the Xbox desperately needs must-have exclusive titles — and they need to continue to flow regularly for years into the Xbox life cycle.

Exclusive, big-name titles are the motivation that hardcore gamers need to purchase more than one console, and this dual ownership will certainly help erode Sony’s lead.

Historical Context:
Nintendo continues to thrive in today’s competitive console market because it has exclusive titles like Mario and Zelda that sell systems all by themselves.

7: Play To The Xbox’s Unique Strengths
The PlayStation2 does not have a built-in hard drive and it also lacks a broadband network adapter. If developers are able to use these features to make console gaming far more enjoyable on the Xbox, Microsoft will quickly begin to close the gap with the PS2.

Historical Context:
The PC has traditionally held strong as a gaming platform because it could do things that no console could.

8: Make Sure The Price Is Right
No matter what else Microsoft does with the Xbox before launch, the console’s price will be a major factor in every buying decision. If the Xbox is more expensive than the PS2, it will make a purchase decision difficult. If the price is too low, Microsoft may never be able to recoup initial losses with future software sales. This tightrope balancing act could make or break the next-generation console showdown.

Historical Context:
The Saturn launched for $399. The rest is history.

9: Exploit Sony’s Weaknesses
The success of the PS2 launch is not necessarily the result of a perfect Sony plan. In fact, Sony has made several mistakes during the PS2 launch. (For example, Sony has not provided the kind of technological support that some developers expected.) Microsoft is currently exploiting that weakness by providing far better support to developers. Microsoft is also working with retailers to offer them similar advantages over Sony. This kind of battle mentality is necessary to win a console war.

Historical Context:
Sony wooed developers onto the PlayStation because they were treated poorly by Nintendo, and weren’t supported enough (in terms of technology) by Sega at that time.

10: Play For The Long Haul
Like we said before, even under the best possible circumstances Microsoft will need years to catch up with Sony. Panic in the early stages could halt any chance of future competition in this generation.

It’s very important to remember that in the past, Microsoft has been willing to be number two for years until it finally overwhelms its opponent. The company is very likely willing to build during this generation and make the big challenge to Sony with Xbox2.

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Just as we began to think that the puzzle genre was going stagnant on the PS2, along comes Aqua Aqua to spruce things up, not to mention funnel away hours of precious time. An update of the grossly under-appreciated Wetrix+, it’s a puzzler with all of the trappings: geometric gameplay, cute characters (Aquas, in this case), goofy sound effects and frantic, nerve-jangling gameplay. In an effort to… well, to garner a better score, gamers are challenged to capture and dispose of water falling from the sky by building makeshift moats and dams. Sounds fun, right? It is indeed.

The story takes place six and a half days after the dawn of time; then there’s some nonsense about a dry planet and the four evil monsters (one for each level — they show up and generally muss up your carefully wrought structures) who decide to make it their own. The Supreme Being dispatches four Aquas, or Water Spirits, to bring water and life to this desolate rock. Of course that isn’t really important all — all you really need to know is this: Water = Bad.

Pieces fall from the sky one at a time onto a large grid; each of these can be rotated by using the square button, and dropped by hitting the X button. The trick is to build shallow bins from falling pieces of earth (squares, lines and L-shapes) and then use these to catch the water pieces, which tend to come in packs — let water spill over the edge and your stress levels begin to surge. The fireball is crucial to your efforts, as it evaporates any water it hits. A test tube on the side (replete with adorable Aqua trapped inside) displays how much water has spilled over the edges; when it hits the fill limit it’s game over (replete with adorable choking noises emitting from said Aqua). Sounds easy enough and probably would be — if that were the sum of it.

Plenty of other pieces drop by to mix things up a bit: Bombs blow holes in the earth, allowing precious fluids to seep through, while downers serve as the inverse of the earth pieces, carving away any land they hit. Ice cubes, naturally, freeze any water they come in contact with — these can really help or hinder, depending on when they show up. Finally, to really shake things up, the developers have included an Earthquake feature — build up too much terrain, and suffer the consequences. You could say it’s all about the balance.

Just like so many of the best games (puzzle and otherwise), Aqua Aqua increases the difficulty bit by bit — though it’s pretty challenging right off the bat. However, the subtle intricacies and tricks for maximizing your score really begin to show through only after you’ve gotten a grip on the gameplay basics. For example, a fireball will evaporate all of the water it comes in contact with, making one large pool of water more desirable than several small ones — this is where those downers really make themselves useful.

Similarly, placing your fireballs at the appropriate points on the grid unlocks Bingo cards. Each card has benevolent properties including multiplying your score, making the pieces descend at a slower rate or even increasing the size of the landscape. It’s tricky yet tangible, and helps make the “addictive” tagline that’s tacked on to the packaging of just about every puzzler ever made fit this one quite nicely.

Those with a penchant for the puzzling (not to mention cute as candy characters) will find Aqua Aqua an excellent addition to the PS2’s still meager library of such games. The versus mode is excellent, and the depth and intricacy of the scoring system really go the distance in fleshing out what ultimately boils down to simple, satisfying gameplay. Make no mistake, this is not an easy puzzler, but you’ll probably dig it.