Love at First Sight… How it happens?

Can you really fall in love with someone the first time you see them?

Astronauts Need Robots In Space – The Reason

Sending astronauts to space is a dangerous and costly affair, but what about robot astronauts? DNews got a chance to visit the Johnson Space Center and interview one of the engineers behind the future of our space program.

Babies are Smarter than We Think

A recent study shows that babies can develop logical reasoning before the age of one! Are they smarter than we think?

Human Survival depends on Grandparents? hmmm…

Grandparents are great, but they play a bigger role in family support than just spoiling their grandkids! Learn more by watching the video above.

The Science of the Biggest Waves in the World

When sitting on the beach, have you ever wondered where that wave came from? Pro surfer and wave expert Kyle Thiermann joins Trace to surf the science of waves, their origins, and why they’re about to get even bigger.

The Real Image of Jesus Finally Revealed?

Most of us think we know what Jesus looked like– long golden hair and beard, but that’s mostly a work of fiction. What did Jesus actually look like?