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    Joker Origin : New Story about Batman’s Father

    Movies this season have changed a lot especially with antagonists which go toe on toe with the protagonist. Yes, we all know that most movies feature the life of the protagonists, but now it changes. For instance, Suicide Squad of DCU where a group of villains and criminals are the main characters of the movie. […]

    Vikings – Season five Scenario

    Vikings Season 5 is considered to be one the most successful TV series even on the first episode that is why this goes to Season 6. Meaning there’s so much profit accumulated and gain throughout the entire Series. Imagine it is not yet done showing all those 20 episodes but they have already working on […]

    Paypal Bad Reputation on Customer Support

    The most crucial part of paypal customer support is issue resolution. Am I not in a position to look after my clients’ concerns? The percentage of problem resolution generally in most top economic services companies is actually in between 75 to 90 percent in PayPal, the amount with the 70 to 80 mark. The reason […]

    The Dark Tower – Bad Expectation

    Over 10 years, several of Hollywood’s most prosperous storytellers have wished to turn Stephen King’s eight-book Dark Tower saga into films. Very few, presumably, began together with the idea that the simplest way to wrangle this mountain of storyline would set a new sequel to it. That is roughly what Danish director Nikolaj Arcel presents […]

    Love at First Sight… How it happens?

    Can you really fall in love with someone the first time you see them?

    Astronauts Need Robots In Space – The Reason

    Sending astronauts to space is a dangerous and costly affair, but what about robot astronauts? DNews got a chance to visit the Johnson Space Center and interview one of the engineers behind the future of our space program.

    Babies are Smarter than We Think

    A recent study shows that babies can develop logical reasoning before the age of one! Are they smarter than we think?

    Xbox: 10 Keys To Playing Catch-Up on its History

    Recently, Sony announced that it has shipped 10 million PS2 units into stores worldwide, and by many industry estimates the company could reach twice that number by the time the Xbox launches this fall. So we must ask, is it even possible for Microsoft to catch up in the next-generation console war? It’s okay to […]

    Aqua Aqua — Wanna Try?

    Just as we began to think that the puzzle genre was going stagnant on the PS2, along comes Aqua Aqua to spruce things up, not to mention funnel away hours of precious time. An update of the grossly under-appreciated Wetrix+, it’s a puzzler with all of the trappings: geometric gameplay, cute characters (Aquas, in this […]

    Human Survival depends on Grandparents? hmmm…

    Grandparents are great, but they play a bigger role in family support than just spoiling their grandkids! Learn more by watching the video above.