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Movies this season have changed a lot especially with antagonists which go toe on toe with the protagonist. Yes, we all know that most movies feature the life of the protagonists, but now it changes. For instance, Suicide Squad of DCU where a group of villains and criminals are the main characters of the movie. They are hired by the government to deal a very powerful entity after the death of Super Man against Doomsday.


This time around, we will be seeing a very popular antagonist having his own movie. DCU brings us Joker Origin movie starring Joaquin Phoenix. The movie will be featuring as well Batman’s father, Thomas Wayne. As more reviews and information leaking in the Internet regarding the movie, it is anticipated that Bruce Wayne’s father will be part of the movie and will have a huge role with background and the history of the Joker villain.

We all know that Batman got his inspiration of becoming a Dark Knight after his parents died before his eyes. Thomas Wayne, a billionaire and owner of Wayne Enterprises was a significant persona of the Gotham City before Batman has come to the scene. The comics has revealed few things about Wayne’s history, like for instance, he was strict with his son but kind to his patients as a physician. In some instances, Thomas Wayne saved gangster named Carmine Falcone, the man behind some organized crime in Gotham. Yes, while it remains a sad story for Bruce Waynes whose parents died before his eyes, yet still, this is the stepping stone of making Bruce Wayne’s Batman alter ego.

Now the coming of Joker Origin film, we will be seeing more back-story about Thomas Wayne which is connected to the villain Joker. In an interview with Jeff Sneider he stated that Thomas Wayne will have a big role in the movie of Joker origin while we love to see Batman and Joker face off in the big screen using different props. However, the movies will be featuring only the time when Bruce Wayne is just a little boy. This will also feature some story just like what fans saw in Tim Burtons Batman film, by which the Joker is the person behind the death of Bruce’s parents.

The information from the interview reveals that the movie release date will be next year. The shooting of the movie will start as early this September which will be released on 2019 as a possible date. While this idea in the past was just some rumor than fact, Warner Bros. has decided to make the movie at last and it is now official.

Considering the popularity of the Batman, the studio behind development of the movie project Joker Origin decided to make the movie in low-budget. Yet Warner Bros. felt that the moment was right to present DC fans a new kind of Joker, which is a lot more darker than Jared Leto’s Joker.

Leto’s Joker has been a very psycho kind of Joker and has led fans to know more about him and what he is capable of. And so Warner Bros respond to the wants and wishes of the fans. The company has decided that this film can be done outside of DCEU. There are plenty of things we can expect from this movie and stay tune for the movie release.


Watch the video so that you may  understand it clearly what is this all about

THE JOKER ORIGINS (2019) – Teaser Trailer | Joaquin Phoenix


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