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Vikings Season 5 is considered to be one the most successful TV series even on the first episode that is why this goes to Season 6. Meaning there’s so much profit accumulated and gain throughout the entire Series. Imagine it is not yet done showing all those 20 episodes but they have already working on the Season 6. They have already expected that it’s going to be superhot stuff for fans around the world to really watch these amazing shows. I believe this is second to games of throne. Imagine the last Season I mean the Vikings Season 5 they received $244 million in national revenue that is just only a partial amount. So do you thinks is small they are making good money. That is why they have never stop producing while the funs never gets tired of watching it.

If your a first time to watch the Season 5 of Vikings you really have a lot of watchign to do because how do you able to understand that story if your not going to watch the previous Seasons so I live a link here from Wikipedia to give you some information regarding the previous Seasons and I you have more time perhaps you can watch the whole previous seasons

Vikings is really a great movie series which many fans have been following. The series is about the history of the legendary brutal fighter, a raider and the explorer of land upon the uncharted.
The season five is full of thrill and it begins with a scene with Ivar, whom they call Boneless. They call him boneless because of many reasons. One is because of his birth defect, which is a lack of bone, a genetic condition or the imperfect bone formation. Ivar is one of the great leaders and is the commander of Great Heathen Army. He would like to take revenge and is seeking the one who killed his father. He ended up tortured in pain but Ragnar did not care at all.

Season five has 20 episodes and is about to release one after another. Another actor that will join is Jonathan Rhys Meyers and his movie name is The Tudors. Nobody knows what kind of character he is or even his motives in the series. Fans are really excited for the upcoming Vikings drama. Fans really expect something especially a twist in the plot. This either pleases the fans, or disappoint them.

Some characters, like Floki, will burst and unable to control his emotion to accept the death of his wife, and is going to have a hard time making decisions. Before the death of his wife, he is very energetic, eccentric and happy man. He has some good friends that accompany him in the journey. Floki is very loyal with his service to Ragnar.

One of the best scenarios in this season is when brothers Harald and Hafdan go for an unexpected raiding together with Ragnar’s son. Harald refused to come because of an important mission; a mission that can make him a king in all Norway. In the same scenario, Rollo stayed in France with his wife. He is always triumphant in every invasion. He is good with planning especially in countering Viking armies’ attempt to invade his kingdom.The Vikings never thought that they would be unsuccessful with their raiding attempt. They returned to base to plan their next attack and invade Rollo.

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